I first studied with Graham at the Y, and when she left to start her own studio, I felt I couldn't afford to continue on with her. Within weeks I realized I couldn't afford NOT to. The Iyengar practice fits my body and needs better than any others I've studied, and Graham is an excellent teacher. She is thoroughly grounded in technique, communicates clearly, firmly, and with humor, and explains the importance of the spiritual aspects without preaching. I'm totally committed to continuing to learn from her. Ann (62)

What a joy to stretch and to stretch with precision as far as I can, and to become aware of the joints, muscles ligaments and bones that support my body. With infectious joy and precision Graham both demonstrates and explains to us, how step by step we can understand our bodies, and learn how to create space between the segments of the spine and other joints and how to build solid core strength. Then gradually many yoga asanas become easy because they make total sense. Barbara Wishy (81)

Graham has incredible knowledge of Iyengar Yoga and is always learning and bringing new information to share with her classes. She challenges us to do our best while keeping in mind that it is our practice and we have to adjust our practice based on how our bodies are feeling on a particular day. She is so in tune with each individual and their particular needs for modifications. Graham has taught me to appreciate what my body is capable of and to rejoice in that rather than feel bad about not being able to do a pose. Graham is a very caring person and her humor and cheerfulness bring peace and focus to my life. Patti (64)

Graham exudes warmth and compassion, and she teaches from the heart. Her studio is always filled with a wonderful positive energy. She has amazing intuition and seems to know instinctively just how much to test my boundaries to keep me growing in the practice of yoga. Carolyn (50)

In 2009 and 2011 I underwent two back surgeries. My surgeon suggested yoga as a way to strengthen my core and heal my injuries. I chose Graham Williams Yoga because Graham is a certified Iyengar instructor which emphasizes correct spinal alignment in poses. I continue to practice with Graham because she uses props, personal encouragement and discipline to help me meet my physical goals. I drive from Goldsboro because there is not a session in which I do not benefit. John Thompson

I believe in the restorative nature of strengthening the body through stretching and meditation. After several years of attending yoga sessions that were exercise classes I began searching for a deeper level of practice. After a friend's referral I attended a weekend workshop with Graham Williams Yoga. For the past 4 years I have traveled from Goldsboro to attend a class once a week. Graham is a determined instructor who has guided my practice to a higher, more meaningful level. I have attended many of workshops including Dean Lerner and Bobby Clennell. I am very pleased with my personal growth in body, mind, and spirit. Becky Thompson

Hard to believe, but I have been taking yoga from Graham for 8 years!! I love the focused energy of the classes. Her structured detail of each pose helps me maximize my body’s alignment and engages me to push and challenge myself according to my body’s limits. In addition, her classes leave me energized and motivated to continue my yoga practice at home. Cindy (52)

Graham has all the traits of your favorite teacher: she's kind, knowledgeable, attentive to each student's needs, a wonderful communicator, and has dedicated herself to constantly improving at her craft as a student of yoga. My experience of being a student in her class has led to not only a deepening of my understanding of the philosophies and asanas of Iyengar yoga, but has also provided me with practical instructions and advice on how to build on what we learned in class to inform my home practice; this has been a great way of moving the class beyond the studio and into our daily lives. Lee (35)

When I started studying with Graham, I was still new to yoga. I knew from my first class with her that she was a different kind of teacher. She teaches where others would just tell. She doesn't focus only on the asanas, but explains and guides us to an understanding and practice of the other limbs of yoga as well. After years of gymnastics and dance I thought I knew my body pretty well, but Graham has helped me better understand how all the parts work together. Now I tell everyone I know who is interested in exploring yoga that they should try out her classes! Karen (49)

Graham Williams is an inspirational and caring teacher with a great sense of humor! Her classes have a structure that she builds upon with each successive class in the course of an 8 week session. She helps students to find the alignment in their own body for yoga postures, making adjustments and suggesting props when needed.

Graham travels around the US and upon occasion to India to take advanced yoga and teacher training workshops, and incorporates that experience into her teaching style. She gives her students the opportunity to study with senior Iyengar teachers through workshops she brings to her Raleigh studio. Each session there is an influx of new students, but also a strong contingency of long time students who love the practice of Iyengar yoga and appreciate Graham’s style of teaching. I have taken yoga with many instructors in my lifetime, but have had very few teachers. Graham is truly a teacher! Nancy (60)

The best teachers remain the most passionate students in their field. This is Graham Williams. She has studied repeatedly with the Iyengars in India and with other mentors in this country, many of whom she brings to Raleigh to share their experiences with her students here. Like a good tailor, Graham measures carefully the body and the will of individuals. She then resourcefully crafts positions, props and encouragement that recognize individual needs, nuance and asymmetry. Peter Rumsey (73), Yoga student since 2011