Heather has been practicing yoga based on Iyengar's teachings since 2003 and has taught yoga since 2007 in small class settings. She studied teacher training techniques under Jyoti Hansa from 2006-2007 in Indianapolis, and continued her studies years later under Graham Williams when she moved to Raleigh. Long before that, she was teaching yoga to her 1st grade classmates without guidance from anyone.  

Heather brings a sense of humor, spirituality and peace to her yoga teachings.  One time a student even said her class was better than beer. She enjoys bringing individual attention to each student and thrives on seeing the 'ah-ha' moments of her students. 

Heather is also a practicing architect and fully admits that becoming a certified Iyengar teacher is harder than becoming an architect.  Becoming an architect focuses on the brain.  Becoming an Iyengar teacher focuses on the brain/mind, the body, and consciousness.  Heather became certified in 2017.  Problem solving in both yoga and architecture is something that Heather thrives on... whether it is figuring out how to make a pose more accessible to someone using props or fixing a complex design issue, Heather is always coming up with new ideas to just make things work.  

Heather is so thankful for the wonderful Iyengar community in the Triangle and for the guidance of Graham, her fellow teachers, teachers in training, and students.