Private instruction is available by appointment only:

$100/hour for one student


$180/hour for 2 students

A private session is an individual lesson for you and you only. I recommend for my students that have been studying with me to take a private once a year to go over poses that they may have questions about, get specific modifications that may work better for them, to understand why they are limited in some poses and not in others, to have an hour where the focus is on them and no one else.

A private session is great for individuals who have never taken yoga before but may have an injury or medical condition that may limit them from taking a regular class. The private will help me evaluate their needs and determine which class may be best for them and/or if more individual lessons will be necessary before taking a group class. Modifications will be learned so that when the individual joins a regular class they will know what to do to take care of themselves.

A private session is for an individual that would prefer to not be in a group class. The private will help them learn poses that will help their mind and body to build strength and confidence.



I have taken yoga with many instructors in my lifetime, but have had very few teachers. Graham is truly a teacher!
— Nancy