Where can I park for class?

General Parking

In the parking lot in front of the studio, there are 6 rows.  Please leave the first row by the wall on Moonlight Pizza side by the leaning wall free until l  get there. I have a green subaru so if that is there you can park behind it, but leave the space free until I am there. 

MONDAY-SATURDAY...BETWEEN 8:15 AM AND 5:30 PM ..DO NOT PARK (if facing the studio) in the first 3 rows to the far left. There is a framing shop right next to me so we need to leave those spaces free between 9 and 5:30 .

Students may park behind Moonlight Pizza building in the lot accessible from Boylan Street.

When Moonlight is open, do not park in the side lot accessible from Morgan, adjacent to the studio.

There is limited street parking along Morgan and Boylan streets.

Mornings BEFORE 11:30 am students may park anywhere in the Moonlight Pizza parking lot.